Journey Maps. AI Visual UX Analysis

UserWatch reviews user behavior for you so that you don’t have to binge-watch session recordings.

UX/UI research made simple

Instant Insights

UserWatch analyzes users sessions and builds journey maps for most popular journeys on a concrete page!

Automate Design Analysis

Tired of binge watching sessions after each design update? Learn about design issues automatically and not only when you got time to binge watch a 1000 vids

Save hundreds of hours

PMs and UX researchers on average spend 4 hrs/week (1.5 month a year) just on reviewing some user session recordings. UserWatch gives you this time back!

No Confirmation Bias

AI doesn't care about bias! It won't start looking for confirmation of it's hypothesis it noticed in the first 15 recordings.

Tens of hours of binge watching fit on one screen

UserWatch is presented in a familiar interface of insight table. A few minutes after connecting the tracking tag to your website, UserWatch will present you with step-by-step journeys on the selected page! Isn’t it amazing!?

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UserWatch: New go-to solution for UX/UI research and web analytics! Try the future of web analytics! We just launched and are looking for you feedback!